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Saturday, November 04, 2006

A "giveaway to sale" event

This is just a short announcement, primarily of interest to those in and around Boston. Since I have accumulated lots of stuff over the years that seems to take up way too much room it is time to get rid of it. It will need to be gone within a week - hopefully, to those who need it as opposed to just being thrown away.

The items include a mountain bike, furniture (storage cabinets, chairs, shelves), computer components, clothes... Possibly something else I am not thinking of at the moment. It will be given away or sold at a low price.

Since I have a really strange schedule I don't have time to schedule a sale session. Instead, I decided to make it by arrangement. I live in Malden, MA and you will need to expect to come to my residence to view - and, hopefully, later retrieve - whatever items you are interested in. If you are interested please e-mail me.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

October 31, 2006: Recent links of interest

Over 300 may never leave Guantanamo

Monday, 30 October 2006 5:48 P GMT-05
But more than 300 others, including 14 transferred in September to Guantanamo from secret overseas prisons, could remain in US military detention until they die. “Yes, they could be held for the duration of their lives,” said Cully Stimson, the Defense Department’s assistant secretary of defense for detainee affairs, on one of his regular trips to the base last week.

Still in Denial about 9/11?

Monday, 30 October 2006 5:43 P GMT-05
An excellenmt collection of audio, video and text materials regarding 9/11 itself and subsequent coverup and abuse.

Pocket veto

Sunday, 29 October 2006 7:25 P GMT-05
It's one of those things I should have remembered from The West Wing, if from nowhere else. If a sitting President lets a bill sent to him by Congress go for more than ten days without signing it, it's considered a veto. The kicker is that it has to happen when Congress is adjourned, not when it's in session. Think back to last week and the fuss about the signing of the Military Commissions Act. Bush held onto that bill for about two weeks before signing it.

Scientific Method versus Political Method: The US administration and its interpretation of the events of 9/11

Sunday, 29 October 2006 5:03 P GMT-05
According to these prominent scientists, the US administration is also creating its own “scientific reality”. As defined, this is not science—it is the political method. It is another form of “creating our own reality”. Therefore we must conclude that the credibility of the US administration is lacking if it will distort science to support “policy goals”. This statement by prominent scientists is a damning blow to the scientific credibility of the US administration if it considers policy goals more important than scientific results. If the US government is censoring scientists, then we simply can not trust any single report that they release. Censorship of science is a way to ignore evidence and is therefore not science! It is the political method in action.

Current Events IQ Test

Saturday, 28 October 2006 2:33 P GMT-05

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