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Saturday, July 29, 2006

C-Span - 9-11 National Broadcast-7-29

The following is from an e-mail I got. Hopefully you can watch the broadcast or the subsequent recording thereof.

2006-07-28 | As panelist Webster Tarpley urges, pass this news of C-SPAN's program as widely and quickly as possible. This conference was the fifth one I attended (preceded by San Francisco, Toronto, Washington DC and Chicago and reveals how far we have already gone in unraveling the mystery of 911 which lies at the root of virtually all the current troubles in the world, including the USA as well.

In my opinion the 911 destruction of the World Trade Center Towers, assertedly by Muslims was the opening shock and awe attack on U.S. citizens to be followed by the Anthrax attacks and then on to take over one country at a time, first Afghanistan, next Iraq, and coming up, Iran and Syria.

Until the bulk of our population is aware of who was criminally responsible for these attacks within our very own government there will be no chance of forming a responsible government (of people, not corporations) to objectively deal with the many climate and domestic problems facing us, all of which are being ignored.

These startling revelations, hidden by the mass media are important for every citizen to understand so watch, and/or record this vital C-SPAN report on one event of this most dynamic conference in L.A. several weeks ago.

Ken Reiner Dear Friends,

The Sunday panel discussion from the Alex Jones Los Angeles conference (911 AND THE NEO-CON AGENDA) will reportedly be telecast on C-SPAN this coming Saturday evening at 8pm and 11pm eastern time.

This discussion includes Alex Jones, Professor Steven Jones, Col. Robert Bowman, Professor James Fetzer, and myself.

The mere fact that it has been scheduled pays tribute to the growing strength of our 9/11 truth movement.

I urge you to build the maximum audience for this important event, which represents our best opportunity of counteracting the escalation of the Middle East and North Korean crises towards thermonuclear World War III, by means a strong dose of 9/11 truth.

I call upon each of you to put aside other considerations for the next 48 hours and to mobilize all available forces to make this a turning point in world history. Let it be seen by 100,000,000 Americans, and we can turn the world back from the brink of the abyss.

Webster G. Tarpley

Please consult:

Please also see:

Experts Continue to Expose the 9/11 Fraud, a report from Ken Reiner
and many related articles in our War of the Shadows section.

5 killed in latest New Orleans shootings

Four men were killed in one shooting and a fifth was gunned down in a separate incident hours later, the latest round of killings as the city struggles to rein in drug- and gang-related violence that has accompanied the recovery from Hurricane Katrina, police said Saturday.

In mid-June, Gov. Kathleen Blanco sent the Louisiana National Guard and state police to New Orleans to help fight crime there after five teenagers were shot to death in a single attack.

5 killed in latest New Orleans shootings
AP, July 29, 2006

Sounds like New Orleans is stubborn and resilient - its violence will give in neither to the fury of Katrina, nor to the masses of law enforcement officers that came to the city afterwards. In fact, it sounds like it is time to rethink the whole approach here - that is to say, while there certainly are shrewd criminals police are simply unable to stop, when the crime is at this level it is pretty much always a social problem.

Dumb People Make Children Cry

Apparently, the PBS Sprout Network just fired one of its on-air talents, name of Melanie Martinez, the host of a nightly, three-hour show called "The Good Night Show," which, according to the AP story, "airs soothing stories and cartoons designed to get an audience of 2-to-5-year-olds ready for bed. Each night, Martinez guides a puppet character into dreamland."

Right. So "The Good Night Show" ain't exactly "The West Wing." It's not exactly "Deadwood" on HBO. It's a cute piece of harmless fluff on PBS that airs in about 20 million homes. Martinez, it is reported, has a toddler of her own, which we can take to mean she knows something about what kids like. I'm guessing she smiles a lot. Is maternal. Sits on giant, brightly colored furniture and chats with birds. Or whatever.

Now, not owning a toddler of my own and therefore usually watching "The Daily Show" or browsing blogs or surfing for porn during kiddie bedtime hour, I have no idea what the hell this show is. But it sounds just insanely sweet and safe, in the way only a show that's designed to be televised Ambien for the pre-complete-sentence set could possibly be.

But then, a shocker. Turns our lovely Melanie Martinez is not what she appeared to be. Turns out Melanie Martinez had, prior to her gig smiling a lot and keeping your kids company for three solid hours while you join me in surfing for porn on the Internet, turns out she had a tiny sliver of an adult life before she took the gig at PBS. And what's worse, it's on video. On the Internet.

Oh. My. God.

Yes indeed, before joining PBS (a full seven years before, mind you), Martinez apparently appeared in two harmless, 30-second satire videos called "Technical Virgin" in which she spoofs PSAs by joking about -- say it with me now -- sex and virginity. Gasp. And PBS found out about it. Because Martinez told them.

And of course, PBS, spineless as a jellyfish licked by Pat Robertson, immediately fired her. They claimed the dialogue in Martinez's humor videos somehow meant she wasn't a good role model for their fluffy kiddie show. A show, remember, that's designed for 3-year-olds. For creatures who can barely go to the bathroom by themselves, much less understand the meaning of an adult satiric video they will never ever see.

Dumb People Make Children Cry
Mark Morford, SF Gate, July 28, 2006

I wonder if this qualifies as discrimination. Apparently, Melanie Martinez was not fired for being unprofessional or failing in her duties now - she was merely penalized for past behaviour - behaviour, mind you, that was not illegal by any stretch.

And in a society where, as somebody aptly put it, "sex is everywhere but in sex itself", that is odd to say the least.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

"Masters of the Universe - The Secret Birth of the Federal Reserve"

Produced by Daniel Hopsiker of Mad Cow Morning News
Was there a takeover of the US by international bankers? You visit the scene of a crime so perfect that, for thirty years, no one knew it ... all » had even taken place. Join us in a 45 minute documentary with Daniel Hopsicker on the banking elite, the Federal Reserve, the Bilderbergers, the Trilateral Comission and the New World Order in general, as we investigate the birth of a criminal conspiracy to rob each and every bank vault in America.

"Masters of the Universe - The Secret Birth of the Federal Reserve"
Google Video introduction

Al-Qaida calls for holy war against Israel

In the message broadcast by Al-Jazeera television, Ayman al-Zawahri, second in command to Osama bin Laden, said that al-Qaida now views "all the world as a battlefield open in front of us."

The Egyptian-born physician said that the fighting between Israel and Hezbollah and Palestinian militants would not be ended with "cease-fires or agreements."

"It is a jihad (holy war) for the sake of God and will last until (our) religion prevails ... from Spain to Iraq," al-Zawahri said. "We will attack everywhere." Spain was controlled by Arab Muslims for more than seven centuries until they were driven from power in 1492.

He said Arab regimes were accomplices to Israel. "My fellow Muslims, it is obvious that Arab and Islamic governments are not only impotent but also complicit ... and you are alone on the battlefield. Rely on God and fight your enemies ... make yourselves martyrs."

He also called for the "downtrodden" throughout the world, not just Muslims, to join the battle against "tyrannical Western civilization and its leader, America."

"Stand with Muslims in confronting this unprecedented oppression and tyranny. Stand with us as we stand with you against this injustice that was forbidden by God in his book (the Quran)," al-Zawahri said.

Kamal Habib, a former member of Egypt's Islamic Jihad militant group who was jailed from 1981 to 1991 along with al-Zawahri, said the al-Qaida No. 2's outreach to Shiites and non-Muslims was unprecedented and reflected a major change in tactics.

"This is a transformation in the vision of al-Qaida and its struggle with the United States. It is now trying to unite Sunni Muslims, Shiite Muslims and calling for non-Muslims to join the fight," he said.

Al-Zawahri wore a gray robe and white turban in the video. A picture of the burning World Trade Center was on the wall behind him along with photos of two other militants. One appeared to be a bearded Mohamed Atta, the Egyptian ringleader of the Sept. 11 attacks. The other was Mohammed Atef, also known as Abu Hafs al-Masri, a former top lieutenant of bin Laden who was killed in a U.S. airstrike in Afghanistan in November 2001.

Al-Qaida calls for holy war against Israel
Willa Thayer, AP, July 27, 2006

Contrary to the many Bin Laden audiotapes this message was a video recording which is likely more difficult to fake and thus there is more of a chance that this one was genuine. It shows an organization that in many ways acknowledges its failure and is trying to gain momentum by issuing a truly unprecedented call for unity.

Monday, July 24, 2006

NYFD Lieutenant interviewed by Dylan Avery

An interview after a "Loose Change" screening at St. Mark's Church, New York, December 11, 2005

Google video link link

General States Plane Did not Hit Pentagon

US Army Major General (ret.) Albert Stubblebine was involved in interpretation of visual intelligence data during the Cold War. After looking at the photo and video evidence of the 9/11 damage to the Pentagon he came to the conclusion that the damage is not consistent with that to be expected if the building were to be hit by a Boeing 757.

YouTube link

Hussein being fed with tube

Saddam Hussein was hospitalized and fed with a tube yesterday, the 17th day of a hunger strike, to ensure he was healthy enough to continue with his trial, the chief prosecutor said. The procedure came as the former leader's troubled trial nears a verdict that could lead to his hanging.


The hunger strike was launched to demand better security for the defense team. The defense rejected an offer of the same security provided to the judges and prosecution lawyers.

Hussein being fed with tube
Bassem Mroue, Associated Press, July 24, 2006

Forcing a man to stay alive and trying to hang him at the same time? That is surely reflective of the overall logic of absurdity which is so sadly so common these days.

The Senator Wellstone Assassination

"Conspiracy Theories:
JFK, 9/11 and Wellstone"
a presentation by
Dr. James H. Fetzer, Ph. D.
given at the
University of Minnesota-Duluth
November 16, 2006

This particular recording covers the part dealing with the death of US Senator Paul Wellstone. You can watch the presentation here or on YouTube.

I think that aside from the question central to the lecture - specifically, why and how did Paul Wellstone die - the lecture is of fundamental significance to those seeking to assess the dynamics of coverups and covert operations in the modern society - specifically as pertains to the US. And while Dr. Fetzer is clearly highly emotional about Wellstone's death, and that in my opinion somewhat diminishes the quality of his presentation, I think he makes a convincing case that the official theory of this crash is highly improbable at best whereas a fairly convincing case can be made that Wellstone was murdered, along with everyone else who was on board that doomed airplane.

I personally found one allegation quite fascinatng. Apparently, the NTSB can only investigate an airplane crash as a potential crime if the US Attorney General agrees to treat it as such. Otherwise, they are required to investigate it as an accident. I wonder if an Attorney General's determination can be contested. If you possess relevant legal knowledge I would be very curious to hear from you.

But be that as it may - it looks like so long as the Attorney General plays along any mischief in the air can be covered up in a fairly straightforward manner. Just something to think about.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Dr. Kevin Barrett on Hannity & Colmes July 10, 2006

YouTube link

"War on Lebanon"

July 16, 2006
Beirut, Lebanon

YouTube link

In what passes for diplomacy these days...

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, heading for a weekend trip to the troubled Middle East, said Friday she would work with allies in the region to help create conditions for "stability and lasting peace."

She ruled out a quick cease-fire as a "false promise" and defended her decision not to talk to officials from Hizbullah or Syria.

"Syria knows what it needs to do and Hizbullah is the source of the problem," Rice said at the State Department as she outlined US hopes for a diplomatic solution to the current crisis.

Rice said she was meeting not only with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert but also with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas as well as with allies at a gathering in Rome.

Rice, Mideast-bound, says cease-fire now is pointless
Associated Press, July 22, 2006

Well, I really doubt Abbas can influence the situation in Lebanon. So in essense this trip is largely a show of non-diplomacy by the America's top diplomat. Remind me, what is it we are paying her salary and expenses for?

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