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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

October 17, 2006: Recent links of interest

Journalists from Newsweek, Atlantic Monthly met with Bush to create post-9/11 talking points

Tuesday, 17 October 2006 4:07 P GMT-05
What was more unusual, Mr. Woodward reveals, was the presence of journalists at the meeting. Fareed Zakaria, the editor of Newsweek International and a Newsweek columnist, and Robert D. Kaplan, now a national correspondent for The Atlantic Monthly, attended the meeting and, according to Mr. Kaplan, signed confidentiality agreements not to discuss what happened. While members of policy research groups often dispense advice to administration officials, journalists do not typically attend secret meetings or help compile government reports. Indeed, many Washington journalists complain that the current administration keeps them at an unhealthy distance.

O’Reilly Sicks FBI on Fetzer, Barrett

Sunday, 15 October 2006 4:26 P GMT-05
“I’d put the FBI on you and that nutty [professor Kevin] Barrett and find out what the hell you guys are up to,” threatened O’Reilly, basically insinuating that scholarly research is a crime, as of course “everything changed” after nine eleven, including the right to exercise the First Amendment. But then, as we know, or some of us know, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are now effectively dead and, increasingly, it is a crime to question the government, especially in an academic setting, same as it was after the Nazis took over in Germany.

Only 16% Think Government Telling the Truth about 9/11

Sunday, 15 October 2006 4:01 P GMT-05
According to a new New York Times/CBS News poll, only 16% of Americans think the government is telling the truth about 9/11

Now Official: Married Households Are A Minority

Sunday, 15 October 2006 2:57 P GMT-05
The American Community Survey, released this month by the Census Bureau, found that 49.7 percent, or 55.2 million, of the nation’s 111.1 million households in 2005 were made up of married couples — with and without children — just shy of a majority and down from more than 52 percent five years earlier. The numbers by no means suggests marriage is dead or necessarily that a tipping point has been reached. The total number of married couples is higher than ever, and most Americans eventually marry. But marriage has been facing more competition. A growing number of adults are spending more of their lives single or living unmarried with partners, and the potential social and economic implications are profound.

"911 Mysteries: Part 1: Demolitions"

Friday, 13 October 2006 10:11 P GMT-05
The film which you can watch above is part one of what is intended to become a three-part series. Its primary focus is an attempt to conduct a thorough analysis of the video, audio and eyewitness testimony to what happened to the WTC Towers 1, 2 and 7 on September 11, 2001. It accomplished what in my opinion amounts to an irrefutable proof of the contention that the official theory of why and how the WTC towers fell is an utter impossibility. What emerges from this investigation is the contention that the towers most likely were brought down by controlled demolition.

Why Integrity Matters

Wednesday, 11 October 2006 9:58 P GMT-05
By “integrity,” I mean living one’s life without contradiction or moral confusion; being integrated – or centered – in thought and action; expressing both spiritual and material values without conflict; and having an uncomplicated mind with which to function, creatively, in a complicated world.

Posada: A Double Standard in the War on Terror

Wednesday, 11 October 2006 9:20 P GMT-05
Why would the U.S. government set free a notorious terrorism suspect when it was simultaneously turning the American legal system upside down to permit the indefinite detainment and torture of suspected terrorists? Terrorism, it seems, lies in the eye of the beholder.

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Monday, October 16, 2006

"9-11 Press for Truth" to be screened in Dover, NH today

I just received the following e-mail:

Monday, Oct. 16, at 7 pm: The Seacoast 9-11 Questions Committee will be showing the film "9-11 Press For Truth" at Dover Friends Meetinghouse, 141 Central Ave. in Dover. Kyle Hence, the executive producer of the film and the co-founder of will be there to introduce the film and answer questions. The "Jersey Girls" and the 911 Families play big roles in the film, stripping away the cover-up and leaving the questions, bigger than ever, behind. This film is a powerful, moving and intelligent exposition of the impact of 911 in the words of survivors and through the carefully collated, analyzed, and connected stories appearing in the press here and overseas. Much of the content is based on author Paul Thompson’s The Complete 9/11 Timeline. Sponsored by the Seacoast 9-11 Questions Committee and Seacoast Peace Response. For more information contact David Diamond at or phone 603-749-9159.

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