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Thursday, August 05, 2004

Bushonomics 101

Professor Yoshi Tsurumi's recollection of the man who later became our President adds a new and interesting perspective to what we know about that man. I do not want to get into the partisan politics, or those of class, however, sometimes I can not help it. Here is a really interesting sentiment of the young George W Bush as Professor Tsurumi puts it:

Even though it was over 30 years ago, Tsurumi "vividly" recalls Bush the student making this stunning statement in his classroom at Harvard: "People are poor because they are lazy."

It is most certainly true that of the roughly 50% of today's US voters who support Bush some qualify to be called poor. I do not want to try and dictate to those people whom to support, what to think, or how to live their lives. I would only like to ask them one question, "Do you consider yourself lazy?" Because the man whom you intend to vote for in the Presidential election thinks you are.

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