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Saturday, July 29, 2006

5 killed in latest New Orleans shootings

Four men were killed in one shooting and a fifth was gunned down in a separate incident hours later, the latest round of killings as the city struggles to rein in drug- and gang-related violence that has accompanied the recovery from Hurricane Katrina, police said Saturday.

In mid-June, Gov. Kathleen Blanco sent the Louisiana National Guard and state police to New Orleans to help fight crime there after five teenagers were shot to death in a single attack.

5 killed in latest New Orleans shootings
AP, July 29, 2006

Sounds like New Orleans is stubborn and resilient - its violence will give in neither to the fury of Katrina, nor to the masses of law enforcement officers that came to the city afterwards. In fact, it sounds like it is time to rethink the whole approach here - that is to say, while there certainly are shrewd criminals police are simply unable to stop, when the crime is at this level it is pretty much always a social problem.

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