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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Mexico: Vote Counting Software Hacked

In Mexico, we've got it all. All the plays in the playbook. The rush to declare a victor before the votes are counted, the partisan software company--and voting software that's proven to be hackable.

Mexico: Vote Counting Software Hacked
lambertstrether, Daily Kos, Jul 9, 2006

Well, that's not surprising, is it? Pretty common for those corrupt Latin American countries. Yet for some reason when you share your suspicions with people in the US that the same thing may be happening here a lot of them still believe it impossible.


Sternhund said...

Yes, I've always thought it funny that Americans can accept that Mexico's voting system might have been rigged, but when you mention an American rigging of the votes, I get only hostile responses.

Why Americans won't even consider the possibility is beyond me. How can people be so ignorant?

Boris Epstein said...

I think it is more the idea of exclusivity than factual ignorance. People believe America is somehow fundamentally different from the rest of the world - which it is quite clearly not.

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