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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

August 23, 2006: Recent links of interest

911 Mainstream Media

Wednesday, 23 August 2006 1:31 A GMT-05

The CIA Torture Loophole

Tuesday, 22 August 2006 11:12 P GMT-05
The truth is, since 9/11, a lack of clarity compounded by a series of ambiguous administration memos effectively gave the CIA permission to abuse detainees. In March 2002, the CIA approved a set of harsh interrogation policies — including "waterboarding," which makes a person feel as if he is drowning — for use on high-level Al Qaeda suspects. And by December 2002, the CIA was reportedly operating secret detention centers where some of the harshest interrogation techniques were allegedly used on prisoners.

U.S. Army Intelligence Analyst Targeted For Suggesting New Independent 9/11 Investigation

Tuesday, 22 August 2006 5:00 P GMT-05
Army: Doubting Official 9/11 Story Is ‘Disloyal To The United States’

Only 20% Of Britons Believe Blair On Terror Threats

Tuesday, 22 August 2006 4:43 P GMT-05
A figure that is both telling and foreboding - that only one fifth of British citizens believe the Blair government is telling the truth on terror alerts - increases the chances of a staged attack to reinforce the notion that Islamo-Fascism is a real danger and not the invention of a ruthless Neo-Fascist government that has all but abolished freedom in the United Kingdom.

America's corporate-controlled media: garbage disguised as news

Tuesday, 22 August 2006 4:39 P GMT-05
While many in the developing world are malnourished because of lack of food, America is a nation where people can be gluttonous, and still remain malnourished because of the quality of the food they are consuming. This analogy also applies to the philosophies of corporate-controlled media: They provide the sensation of being “full” (i.e. informed) while their consumers starve for lack of substance.

Israelis rise up in anger over war

Tuesday, 22 August 2006 4:33 P GMT-05
In another sign of anger over the handling of the war, parents of fallen soldiers called for Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's resignation, saying their sons had died for nothing.

The Flying Elephant: Evidence for Involvement of a Third Jet in the WTC Attacks

Monday, 21 August 2006 3:12 P GMT-05
At 9:04am, Diane Sawyer of ABC News made remarks on-air about the "circling" jet she and her colleagues "all saw" prior to the second strike. She admits she "just assumed" it was the same one that struck the South Tower.

Media Math: 1 Death 10 Years Ago > 3438 Deaths in July

Sunday, 20 August 2006 8:43 P GMT-05
It is not being callous to state that the death of a little girl 10 years ago, while tragic, certainly does not outweigh the deaths of 3438 people in one month, right here in the summer of 2006. 3438 men, women, children, husbands, wives, grandparents. 3438 individuals who were all living and breathing as recently as June 30th.

Mutiny as passengers refuse to fly until Asians are removed

Sunday, 20 August 2006 8:40 P GMT-05
British holidaymakers staged an unprecedented mutiny - refusing to allow their flight to take off until two men they feared were terrorists were forcibly removed.

French reopen Diana inquiry

Sunday, 20 August 2006 6:52 P GMT-05
The French director of public prosecutions has authorised a judge to reexamine two forensics experts whose evidence was central to the finding that the 1997 crash in Paris was a simple road accident caused by a drunk driver.

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