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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Thanksgiving in New Orleans

This comes by way of e-mail from Gordon Soderberg whom I met last year in the Gulf.

Those of you who are interested in coming to New Orleans for
Thanksgiving you are welcome to stay at Camp Liberty in Slidell, LA.

http://maps. maps...

I will be deep frying tuckeys and documenting the events and volunteer
efforts the IVAW, GSFP, and VFP members will be helping with.

Please contact me if you plan on staying in Camp Liberty.

(504) 613-0174

I am not organizing the volunteer activities in New Orleans. I'm
working on Camp Liberty itself. If you would like to help with the
camp we need you. We are cleaning out one of the homes on the property
for more winter housing for volunteers.

If you want to volunteer in New Orleans while you are here contact:

Arabi Wrecking Krewe,
(985) 624-8428

Common Ground Relief

Emergency Communities for volunteer opportunities.
http://www.emergenc ycommunities. org/contact. htm
(917) 442-8900

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Sean Carter said...

Hey for more info and news on Thanksgiving just visit my Thanksgiving Blog sometime an enjoy all it's got to offer!!!!

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