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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Annotated schedule for 911 Truth film festival

The text below is extracted from an e-mail. This is the schedule for this event.

First Annual Alternative Media Film Festival Schedule, 2007
The Democracy Center, Cambridge, MA

Friday, February 9th
6:15 9/11: Press for Truth
The victims families explain the fight to get the first "investigation" and some of the questions they still have.

7:45 Refuge of Last Resort
A first hand look at Katrina, before, during and after, from an independent crew on the ground.

9:15 William Rodriguez
The last survivor of the World Trade Center collapse and national hero recounts that day.

10:15 Improbable Collapse
A scientific explanation of the demolition of the twin towers.

11:30 Mike McCormack
The man who found the famous WTC flag speaks.

Saturday, February 10th
12:15 Waco: The Rules of Engagement
An Academy Award nominated documentary on the massacre at Waco.

2:45 Radio Silence
A short on the failure of the FDNY radios on 9/11.

3:45 Who Killed John O'Neill?
A fictional story about real events. Explores the deep evidence as one man comes to grips with 9/11.

6:45 9/11 Mysteries
Explosive evidence.

8:45 Tea Party
A few minutes from the Tea Party event held in Boston.

9:00 Terror Storm
The history of government sponsored terrorism.

11:30 David Miller
A 9/11 first responder speaks.

Sunday, February 11th
12:00 Hacking Democracy
Looks at electronic election fraud.

1:30 The Secret Government
A 1987 PBS special on the history of the secret government, focusing on Iran-Contra, and the ramifications for our republic.

3:30 America: From Freedom to Fascism
The most powerful documentary we are showing. Explores the history of the Federal Reserve, the IRS and the police state.

6:15 Beyond Treason
Atomic soldiers, agent orange, and depleted uranium through the army experts and men harmed.

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