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Friday, May 04, 2007

"Open Complicity: Anatomy of the 9/11 Cover-Up"

4 May 2007
By Boris Epstein

The following is a very interesting, though somewhat controversial documentary produced by A2planet/Ann Arbor 9/11 Truth. To preempt any misunderstanding, I would like to restate here - once again - that material I present is not necessarily material I agree with in its entirety. The reason I am restating it here is that the film touches on some very emotive issues and I can foresee a lot of people jumping to conclusions here whereas the truth of the matter is that I have as of yet not even fully formed an opinion about it - other than to say that ideas presented there are certainly worth a look and a thought. So without further ado I am now going to let the film speak for itself.

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Little David said...

Nothing new in this presentation. It only rehashes bullshit.

Oh my gosh, they present the same old tired argument with new polish!

Get a grip. Presenting the old argument in a new way is no more convincing then the way it was previously presented.

Until you conspiracy chaps come up with some real evidence to prove your case I am going to continue to argue that the best thing that needs to happen is for you to visit your local psychiatrist. He/she has medicines that will help you.

Your so called evidence has not withstood the test of time. Your refusal to accept the weight of the evidence over time only proves that those who not just considered, but continue to insist, upon a conspiracy behind 9-11 are nut cases.

Point to something other then discredited evidence or give it up for crying out loud!

Boris Epstein said...


What exactly are you referring to?

Some of the argument presented in the film is questionable, in my opinion; some, on the other hand, is very solid.

I am also not sure as to what test of time you are referring to. As both polls and my own modest observations indicate over the last few years more and more people in the US have started to have - and express - severe doubts as to the veracity of the official account of 9/11. To me, the numbers do not determine who is right and who is wrong; however, if you want to use social proof here, it is indicating something quite different from what you are stating.

Little David said...

I am willing to give consideration that what the 911 Truth Movement believes happened "could" be true, however they possess no convincing or convicting evidence. It is all just a patchwork of opinions with little hard facts that stand up to scrutiny.

It is my opinion that the "membership" of the 911 Truth Movement is riddled with members of the tin foil hat crowd and anarchists who refuse to look at the issue with anything resembling ofjectivity.

As for the "test of time" I am not referring to polls. I would note that the results of these polls, where some express some doubts about the official version, automatically indicates their agreement with the 911 Truth Movement position.

What I was referring to as the "test of time" is to when, over time, people with actual expertise in their fields (such as structural engineering) disagree with the "facts" presented by the 911 Truth Movement as being accurate.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how old the previous comments are but folks need to realize that the engineering community is waking up to the lies of 911 thanks to Richard Gage. This film is brilliant in thought and reason. Especially compelling is the Mosad's self incrimination giving the perpetrators the Anti-Sematism card to play against the 911 T3uth Movement. It's highly possible that much was learned and carried forward in the Kennedy assasination disinformation campaign. Never underestimate the intelligence of these people.

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