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Thursday, September 09, 2004

An Irresponsible Scion of a Rich Family

This is how many people view George W Bush. And here are some more allegations of our current President's transgressions as a young man.
After weeks in which John Kerry's military record has been picked to pieces, President George Bush now faces a double blast of scrutiny over his own past, raising new questions over his avoidance of the Vietnam draft and his alleged use of drugs.
As I have already stated, I believe drugs must be legalized. Hence I would not hold Mr Bush's drug use against him were it not for the fact that he has never, to my knowledge, held a position on the issue of drugs which would be in any way similar to mine; quite to the contrary, as a public official he has always gone right along with the devastating and immoral "War on Drugs".

I would also not object to Mr Bush's alleged attempts to avoid going to war in Vietnam were it not for his alleged support of that war as well as for the fact that his father supported it as a Congressman. Vietnam was a war whose immediate necessity as far as the national security of the United States escaped many, and people who avoided participating in that war were not necessarily unpatriotic.

Unlike many, I am not accusing George W Bush of cowardice. He served honorably in the National Guard for several years, flying fighter jets,- a job that is dangerous whether in war time or in peace time. However, there are strong reasons to believe that he did not complete his commitment to the Guard. And that only serves to further reinforce the image of the man who later became President as an irresponsible and spoiled young man, as someone who only honors his commitments when they are not burdensome to him.

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