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Saturday, October 02, 2004

What Sibel Edmonds Meant To Say

Given severe restrictions imposed on what the former FBI translator Sibel Edmonds is allowed to say, we can only speculate as to what information she was trying to convey before she was fired from her job and prohibited from disclosing the nature of her allegations. The allegations were, however, severe enough to cause US Attorney General John Ashcroft to place restrictions on pretty much all those in the know, including the members of US Congress.

This analysis is the best attempt I have seen thus far at trying to figure out what Sibel Edmonds had learned during her brief tenure at the FBI. It is a bit cryptic, as is the only mode in which Sibel Edmonds can communicate. Since she can not state many things directly, her interviewers often have to pose questions in hypotheticals. This is a very interesting account, effectively alleging high-level corporate and governmental association between the US and Turkish circles involved in weapon trade, drug trade and money laundering.

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