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Friday, September 08, 2006

September 8, 2006: Recent links of interest

Ground Zero Toxic Death Fumes Covered Up From Day One

Friday, 8 September 2006 6:02 P GMT-05
Not only did the government know on the day itself that rescuers were being exposed to harmful dust, they also ordered misleading information to be given to the public, they ordered scientific research results on the air to be falsified, they allowed residents to return to their homes in the immediate vicinity knowing the air was corrosive and lethal and, to top it all off, they have since embarked on a collective program to block compensation and funding of health programs because that would be an admission of guilt.

NATO seeks more Afghanistan troops

Friday, 8 September 2006 6:00 P GMT-05
NATO members were to discuss on Friday how to raise an additional 2,000 troops to bolster its force in Afghanistan amid increased insurgent violence, a spokesman said in Warsaw, where alliance defense chiefs were meeting.

Dozens feared dead in India blasts

Friday, 8 September 2006 5:59 P GMT-05
The blasts hit Malegaon town in the western state of Maharashtra as thousands of Muslims gathered at a burial ground for special Friday prayers, police said.

Report: MBTA vulnerable to terrorist attack

Friday, 8 September 2006 5:57 P GMT-05
The MBTA is vulnerable to a terrorist attack because of police manpower shortages, inadequate training for emergency responders and a lack of communications operability between agencies responsible for handling a transit attack, a legislative committee has found.

Explosives still missing at Logan

Friday, 8 September 2006 5:56 P GMT-05
An 8-ounce chunk of the type of explosive used by the terrorists who downed Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland in 1988, remains missing near runways at Logan International Airport this afternoon after it was lost or stolen during a canine training exercise, state police said. The material, called Semtex, was believed to be somewhere along the airport’s Harborside Drive, or perhaps inside a street sweeper - but is not live because it lacks a blasting cap, state police said. Nonetheless, experts say Semtex is highly dangerous and the lost material poses a significant risk.

Son's return to Iraq more than enough

Friday, 8 September 2006 5:54 P GMT-05
This ex-Boston cop had just learned the Army scoured its inactive reserve list to pull his 22-year-old son away from a job, a wife and a new baby. From a cramped office in the back of Eddie C’s, his legendary Maverick Square bar, he kept screaming into the phone. “Why doesn’t the sonovabitch send his own two kids over there?” he railed. “Let them stop partying for 545 days and visit Baghdad for a year! Then, Bush would know what it feels like to have your heart stop everytime the doorbell rings, or wonder if you should pick up the goddamn phone. “My two kids have already done their time. They’ve served their country . . . both of them!” Eddie said, his voice hoarse and broken. “Mikey with the 101st Airborne and Eddie Jr. with the Marines . . . both of ’em in Iraq. When the hell is enough, enough?"

BYU places '9/11 truth' professor on paid leave

Friday, 8 September 2006 5:44 P GMT-05
Brigham Young University placed physics professor Steven Jones on paid leave Thursday while it reviews his involvement in the so-called "9/11 truth movement" that accuses unnamed government agencies of orchestrating the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the World Trade Center.

War on drugs is a dismal, costly failure

Friday, 8 September 2006 5:42 P GMT-05
At the turn of the century, their were no illegal drugs in America. Cocaine and heroin were available through the Sears catalog. Every city had a few opium dens, and yes, there were addicts and deaths, but there was little or no crime from these drugs. The crime, cartels and exploding prison populations came as a direct result from the laws that made these substances illegal.


Friday, 8 September 2006 5:41 P GMT-05
The "undercover tactical unit" involved in the assault and TASERing of a 9/11 investigative journalist at his Chicago-area home was most likely an operation ordered by the Department of Homeland Security, according to a former high-ranking police official.

Two 9/11-related events in Worcester, MA

Friday, 8 September 2006 5:34 P GMT-05
The following is the text of an e-mail I have just received. I haven't had time to reformat this text or learn details regarding those events but instead decided to just share it with you as is since the time is short. Hope you can make it.

Teen girl charged with posting nude photos on Internet

Friday, 8 September 2006 5:13 P GMT-05
She has been charged with sexual abuse of children, possession of child pornography and dissemination of child pornography.

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