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Saturday, November 25, 2006

November 25, 2006: Recent links of interest

A Review of "The Terror Conspiracy"

Saturday, 25 November 2006 9:55 A GMT-05
Split into 3 main parts - The Events of September 11, 2001 - War For Oil and Drugs - The 9/11 Backlash - Marrs offers a timeline, geopolitical context, and an analysis of the decimation of American Civil Liberties that are sorely lacking in the 9/11 Commision Report. The book concludes with a section on Historical Precedents. For the indefatigable 9/11 researcher, there isn't a lot that is particularly new here, unless you haven't considered the geopolitical imperatives at stake in Central Asia, or you haven't paid much attention to the steadily creeping surveillance society rolling out bit by bit around you. On the other hand, if the only 9/11 information you have studied is the 9/11 Commission Report, the unbelievable amount of information simply left out of the government's report will utterly floor you. From the Report's timeline discrepancies to War Games, to contemplation of controlled demolition, Marrs offers up a true alternative to the 9/11 Commission Report, and like the Report, the narrative is fluid, constructed for a general reader, and does not pre-suppose a working knowledge of the intricacies of the events of 9/11.

Feingold Considers Habeas Corpus Hearings

Saturday, 25 November 2006 3:39 A GMT-05
“I don’t support impeachment, and I don’t support impeachment hearings, even though I think the president has probably committed an impeachable offense,” Feingold said in response to a question from Al Schulz of La Crosse. “We are not required to impeach the president simply because he’s committed an impeachable offense, which I think he did with the illegal wiretapping. We have to decide whether it’s in the best interest of the country to go through that process.”

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