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Thursday, April 19, 2007

“Activism is Terrorism”

Reprinted from WEARECHANGE.ORG. The reason I decided to reprint this report is due to the fact that WEARECHANGE.ORG does not provide a dedicated link to each of its reports.

This report does an excellent job of illustrating how US authorities try to censor and suppress those who challenge the official theory of 9/11 and seek to educate their fellow citizens about the truth regarding those events. While some of the footage provided below was shot in locations as prominent as the WTC site in Lower Manhattan or even in front of the New York Times Building itself you most likely will not read about this in any mainstream publication in the US. The reason for that is a policy of self-censorship to which most of the media sources adhere. However, whether they cover it or not, the 9/11 Truth Movement is here to stay - and, hopefully, win.

Also note the authorities' attempt to once again link dissent with terrorism. The tactic, while having little if any basis in fact, appears to be clearly designed to alienate the citizenry from the opposition groups as well as pave the way for a potential campaign of repression against said opposition - a campaign that would most likely be run ostensibly under the auspices of the "war on terror".

And - lastly, but not leastly - do consider donating to
WEARECHANGE.ORG as they are doing some very important work for all of the humanity.
- Boris Epstein

“Activism is Terrorism”
Well, According To The Police In NYC...

Here is the google video link which is slightly better quality.

You can download your own .wmv of the video (approx. 350MB) below: Right-Click this and save-as

The activists of NY911TRUTH and Change were taking part in street actions for the Eleventh of every month. They started at the new WTC Building 7, in which Larry Silverstein was present in his office. Luke Rudkowski and Tom Foti held the banner up that stated that 911 was an inside job. They were peacefully demonstrating giving out flyers and DVDs to whoever was willing to listen. Soon after undercover police officers and Port Authority officers arrived. They told the activists that the space and Greenwich Street is privately owned by Larry Silverstein. Therefore, the officers ordered the activists to cease and desist and to leave the premise or be arrested. The activists refused since they were not breaking any laws and were constitutionally upholding their civilian duties.

The officers then intimidated the activists by going face to face with them and tried to restrict them from filming the incident. The officers expressed amusement as they stated that the activists were going to jail. The officers quickly labeled us as terrorists and claimed that we had backpack explosives. The officers said, “You could be a terrorist, how should I know you don't have a bomb in your book bag?” They continued saying that Luke Rudkowski’s string on his Northface book bag contained explosive material. Soon after many more police officers arrived and surrounded the activists from a distance.

Another group of police officers detained the activists for an hour, until they were approached directly by the Port Authority officer in charge, who escorted them from the premises. As Luke was filming the incident, about 10 officers surrounded him as well as Tom and actually confiscated Luke’s camera when it was filming and alleged that it was a gun. It should be noted that the officers never identified themselves and many did not show their badges to the activists. When a citizen stated that they have every right to record police altercations, the officer replied, “Yes, but you could have a gun in your camera.” The officers did not return Luke’s camera until the activists were set free.

When Luke tried to use his cell phone to contact Alex Jones on his radio show to make a public statement about what was happening, the police officer snatched Luke’s phone and labeled it a gun as well. As the activists were stating their rights, the police officers mimicked them by bullying and questioning whether they went to law school. Although the activists did not leave the area they moved away from the NYPD and continued holding the banner that stated 911 was an inside job. This altercation shows how far the NYPD can go to hinder free speech.

We stand in defiance and in the memory of one of our fallen members of NY911TRUTH and CHANGE, Dan Wallace. The activists of NY911TRUTH and CHANGE will not stop until the truth about 911 comes out. They will continue to demonstrate on the 11th of every month at locations like the Path Station at Ground Zero, Pace University, the Brooklyn Bridge and Times Square in the hopes of spreading the message that 911 was an inside job.

Please Donate to so we can buy a hidden camera, so next time the police snatch away our cameras we will be able to show the world these illegal acts.

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