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Monday, October 12, 2009

Oh the heights of irony...

Supposed experts interviewed by ABC News claim it is unethical to refuse the vaccine. “Does Americans’ right to determine what is best for themselves and their families trump the federal government’s efforts to head off what it believes could be a flu pandemic?” writes Patrick Jonsson for ABC News. “The US government says it has no intention of forcing vaccinations, but its entire flu strategy could be undermined – endangering public health, they say – if a substantial portion of the US population opts out of the $3 billion program.”

The corporate media’s own polls reveal that around two-thirds of parents have serious reservations about the vaccines’ effectiveness and safety. Millions of people simply distrust the government and do not buy into the propaganda.

“Many of the concerns by parents are based on the perception that this vaccine has been rushed into production and may not be safe,” Tom Skinner, a CDC spokesman, told Fox News. “We understand parents’ concerns – they want what is best for their children. We often tell people the best antidote for fear is information. And we ask them to really seek out sound and reliable information from sources they trust.”

According to the CDC, parents need to stop listening to a large number of doctors and virologists who say the vaccines are dangerous and instead get their information exclusively from the corporate media.

Corporate Media: Is Not Taking the Vaccine Unethical?
Kurt Nimmo, Infowars, October 12, 2009

I honestly don't even know where to begin... So the same media outlets that for years have been lying about things they did report on while covering up other things they had an obvious ethical obligation to report on are now trying to tell me what's ethical and what is not. The same people who have no problem quoting unnamed anonymous sources as if their words were the Gospel are now trying to teach me ethics.

Hey, ABC, where were you for Ellen Mariani? Because, see, your viewers may have cared to know that some of the victims of the crime of the century were less than happy about the story they were told about that crime. They may have also cared to know that the most serious post-9/11 terror attack on the US soil was planned not by a Muslim group but by American-born White anti-government extremists. Or those of your viewers who are concerned about their finances -and who isn't? - might want to know what their money is really worth. To that end would be nice of you to try and give them an idea as to what the Federal Reserve is all about. Strangely, I can not recall you ever covering the topic.

Just to clarify things a bit - this rant is not exclusively directed at the ABC News as pretty much all the major news outlets in the US and in much of the Western World act rather similarly. Well, they seem to be owned by pretty much the same group of players so why should that not be so?

Be that as it may - I would very much rather have an old whore extol the virtues of chastity to me than have mainstream media tell me what is or is not ethical for the simple reason that I expect the former to be far more entertaining than the latter. OK, mainstream media, now that you've heard this little rant - carry on. Keep on doin' Pravda and Der Sturmer proud!

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