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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Americans' Perception of AIPAC

A poll was recently conducted to see what Americans think about AIPAC. And here are the results.
The poll found 61% "strongly or somewhat agree" that AIPAC should be asked to register as a foreign agent and lose its tax exempt status, while only 12% strongly or somewhat disagree that it should. 27% were unsure on the issue.

Frankly, the very name of this organization,- "The American Israel Public Affairs Committee: America's Pro-Israel Lobby",- suggests that this organization is at the very least international and not a purely US-based political organization.

The poll is apparently tied to the scandal unfolding around the allegations of Israeli spying in the US,- allegations that implicate AIPAC. Whether those allegations are true or not should not, in my opinion, seriously affect the perception of AIPAC in the US. It is clear that this is an organization that, by its very name, states furthering the interests of a foreign state (Israel) as its primary objective. There is nothing wrong with having such an objective; however, as it does not qualify as either charity or domestic political activity, it is quite clear that AIPAC should not be tax-exempt.

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