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Monday, September 13, 2004

What motivates Abu Mujahed?

Abu Mujahed is a nome-de-guerre of an Iraqi resistance fighter interviewed by The Observer in Baghdad. Unlike many other resistance operatives who appear to have little concern for Iraqi civilian casualties this man and his comrades in arms appear to concern themselves greatly with sparing their civilian compatriots which in my book earns one a lot of respect. It is also interesting to note his group's ideological position and attitude towards other groups fighting the US and its allies in Iraq.
Western intelligence analysts worry that various resistance elements might combine. But Abu Mujahed dismissed the Mahdi Army as 'thugs and traitors who ... welcomed the Americans to Iraq with flowers and then went looting' and said that relations with Islamic militants coming from overseas are worse.

'Some have no allegiance to any group, others have so much money they must come from al-Qaeda. It is impossible to work with them. They are bloody people, far too irrational. They do not care if they kill innocent Iraqi people. They are terrorists.'
Overall, I think this interview provides a very intriguing insight into the world of Iraqi resistance,- and, in fact, into the perceptions of any nation which finds itself under foreign occupation.

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