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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Are there any real peace officers in America?

By Gordon Soderberg

When is America's true defenders of the constitution going to call not
just for articles of Impeachment but make arrests for the obvious acts
of treason? I'm not talking about 9-11-01. I'm talking about
everything that has been done in the name of those who died.

The deliberate misrepresentation of intel to take this country and
others to war with Iraq, and this case an endless war on terror.
Amounts to nothing less than treason. Their effects were the killing
hundred thousand people and spending the world's blood and treasure to
create a world wide industry of death.

The executive branch and the Military Industrial Complex has now gone
International. Secret prisons, torture outing of CIA agents, and the
misrepresentaionof intel are all acts of treason. Those who knowing
participated and others who should have refused to follow illegal
orders should be arrested, charged, and if proved to be a involved,
convicted for not only treason but for the war crimes, murder, and

By diverting manpower and funds from protecting the people of the Gulf
Coast. Thereby, allowing the country to be devastated by natural
disaster is a direct dereliction of duty. This too is Murder. And the
billions of dollars to rebuild have been given to the same companies
that are supplying our military and in the case of private security
contracts shows that even the Military is being replaced with a
corporation of war!

When is America going to understand it's leaders have failed them in
the worst possible way. They have been talked into acts of treason and
rooting for more of it. It scares me that the religions are as
complicit in these acts with the government, as is the main stream
media. It is now up to Americans to peacefully revolt against those
that will enslave the world into endless war with endless lies.

Are there any real peace officers in America?

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