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Friday, August 27, 2004

Diebold is Just Doing Business

According to this report by David Corn, Diebold corporate officials are busy promoting the company's electronic voting technology. That is perfectly fine. After all, isn't that what business is all about?
This week, scores of elections officials from across the country have gathered in Washington for a conference sponsored by the Election Center. A Houston-based nonprofit, the Election Center is an organization for government employees responsible for voter registration and elections administration--such as voter registrars, elections supervisors, city clerks, state election directors, and secretaries of state. According to the group's website, its purpose "is to promote, preserve, and improve democracy." The Election Center keeps its members up-to-date on regulations and court decisions. It performs research for registration and elections officials. It offers classes in professional practices.
According to the center's program for the conference, the conference's welcoming reception on August 26 was underwritten by Diebold Election Systems. The next day, a scheduled "Dinner Cruise on the Potomac and Monuments by Night Tour" was cosponsored by Sequoia Voting Systems. And Election Systems and Software (ES&S) agreed to pick up the tab for the final day's "Graduation Luncheon and Awards Ceremony."
Diebold is not alone in that. Which is also understandable. Just about everywhere around the globe business groups are trying to find their way into the government,- and what better way than by entertaining and feeding government officials?

For some reason, there are still quite a few Americans who believe that this sort of thing is completely un-American, that it simply can not happen in the good ol' US of A. That belief is, in my opinion, irrational. People who still hold it need to read David Corn and others and reassess the situation.

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