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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

"We won't be fooled again"

Or maybe we will. Maybe we as a nation will worry more about whether or not John Kerry was wounded severely enough to get a Purple Heart when he was indeed wounded in battle in Vietnam than we will about the fact that George W Bush was at the same time serving in the Texas Air National Guard where he failed to even serve the time he was supposed to. I should also mention the fact that his departure followed his fighter pilot training the cost of which is estimated to be an equivalent of several million of today's US dollars.

In his article Frederick Sweet calls Bush a deserter. According to strict legal terms that definition may not be correct as desertion includes an intent never to return to one's service station, and there is no evidence there was such an intent on Bush's part. However, Bush's failure to fly the missions expected of him is testimony to his utter ingratitude and irresponsibility. Don't be fooled,- this is not the man to lead us.

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