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Monday, August 23, 2004

On Honor, Race, Guns And Other Matters

Dennis Joyce, the author of this post, is a Black police officer and Chairman of the Southern Independence Party of Texas. While I find his post too emotional, accusatory and intolerant for my taste, I think it raises a number of important points.

One of them is that police can not be there at all times to protect us, and thus the right to carry arms in many situations translates into a right for the citizens to protect themselves against criminal violence,- a right that is not only constitutional, but also happens to be a natural inalienable right of every living being. Joyce says to his fellow police officers,
To advocate this "thing," this "gun control," is the highest betrayal of the primary rule of nature: self-defense. It is a cruel betrayal of the people you are sworn to protect, and a boon to the evildoers among us. It is the ultimate betrayal of your hard-earned Badge and all it stands for.
Joyce is also, in my opinion, correct in characterizing the importance of the Second Amendment rights for minorities in their fight against racism. There is hardly a more effective technique one group can use to subjugate another than making sure the latter group can not acquire defense capabilities.
This brings me to a further assertion. I submit that if you wear the badge and happen to be of Black ancestry ("African-American" is the current "politically correct" term: I choose not to use it), and fit the criteria I have previously described, you should be held in special dishonor. Your ancestors fought and died under a special adversity for the rights you presently enjoy. I know that we still have a long way to go, (and you are unhappy with that last promotion you were "suspiciously" beaten out of). But today you are still freer than any previous generation, and should honor what they fought for by at least acknowledging that fact. A Black officer or group of officers that support "gun control" over the 2nd Amendment, in effect, support a continuation of practices rooted in racism, practices that currently discriminate against a targeted group of Americans not limited only to Blacks. If you support that you have no honor and are a disgrace to your badge, your brothers in blue, your brothers in ancestry, and the public you are sworn to protect and serve. (This goes for the rest of you who seek not to be identified as "Black," but are not, so-called, "white;" so for you "others," accept that you have advanced in large part on the corpses of millions of Black Americans who were here before you: It's a fact: Deal with it.)
I also like Joyce's comments on the subject of assault weapons.
In some jurisdictions, California comes to mind, Police Officers, assumed to be trusted to carry firearms in the defense of the public; are not exempted from these "assault weapons" bans, on or off-duty. Think about that, Lawman, What message is that sending you? What about "Officer Safety?" (Particularly in the wake of the North Hollywood shootout, where Cops had to go begging to local gun shops to borrow "illegal assault weapons" to stop terrorist bank robbers?). They are denying you safety, and survival, and by extension, also the public.
I think he offers a fresh and interesting perspective on the issues related to gun control,- even though toning down his rhetoric would, in my opinion, not be a bad idea either.

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