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Thursday, August 19, 2004

Being a Doctor Has Always Been A Hard Job...

...But now it is becoming an increasingly dangerous one. Well, in a way it always has been. Doctors go to front lines of wars, they have to sometimes treat patients who are dangerous due to their psychological problems, they may be robbed at gun point by drug addicts or attacked by aggrieved relatives who rightly or wrongly believes that a medical malpractice has taken place. However here in the US a new danger is now becoming part of their reality,- federal agents arresting and charging them with drug offenses for prescribing narcotic substances to alleviate their patients' pain.

I believe the "War on Drugs" is wrong. In her Reason article, Maia Szalavitz brings up many important points showing how doctors are hamstrung by drug regulations, how lives and careers are wasted through this infamous "War", how little positive effect can be expected from the policies behind it. This is an outrage, and it is long overdue to be stopped.

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