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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Human Trafficking: The Great Shame of Our Times

Human trafficking is a problem that affects most of the countries today. It supports sex slavery, sweatshop slavery, official corruption, gang violence and terrorism. It is a major problem in Israel, but it is likely more of a problem in many other places, such as Finland.

I believe this problem it is not being properly addressed by the developed country. I also think that there is no way to be serious about fighting terrorism without being serious about fighting that menace. After all, wherever channels are in place to traffic slaves or prostitutes, those same channels can be used to traffic terror operatives.

In the US, following the 9/11 attacks various controversial measures, such as the much talked about USA Patriot Act were adopted. The act curtails many civil liberties, and such limitations are often of questionable value when it comes to combating terror groups. However, the US borders remain largely unprotected, and human trafficking groups operate a large-scale enterprise along the Mexican border. And hence the question begs asking, why is the administration pushing through laws limiting its citizens' rights while at the same time not protecting the borders properly,- which is not only its right, but also one of its few original constitutional responsibilities from the very beginning, for if protection of borders is not part of "common defense", I wouldn't know what is.

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