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Sunday, August 15, 2004

Good Dictator, Bad Dictator...

In his masterful analysis of the Iraqi key figures that have recently made news reports, Jacob Hornberger shines light on what is quite an open secret,- the US government has been opposing some dictators and terrorists and supporting others,- as long as the latter happened to serve the US interests of the moment. Writes Hornberger,
Ever since the U.S. government abandoned its role as a limited-government republic to become an imperial world interloper, the quest has been to support those dictators in the world who would do the bidding of U.S. officials, no matter how unsavory, corrupt, and brutal those dictators were. That’s in fact why the U.S. government, even while still clinging to its claim that it invaded Iraq to establish “democracy and freedom,” continues to proudly align itself with the brutal military dictator in Pakistan, who took power in a military coup.
'Well, so what?', some may ask. The fundamental problem,- aside from obvious moral issues associated with supporting unsavory characters involved in oppression and mass murder,- is that supporting them is tantamount to running a world-wide monster plantation. We breed monsters,- and then, lo and behold, those monsters for some reasons turn against us or those we view as general friends.

Well, I think this is an issue that needs to become subject of serious discussion. The surprise and indignation we hear every time from politicians and pundits when a friendly dictator becomes a mortal enemy simply should not cut it. Such emotions are to be expected of pre-school children, not of those who analyze and shape policy on the daily basis.

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