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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Hell, I'd Be Pissed Too!

I already mentioned William Krar here. He is reported to be mighty frustrated that his efforts notwithstanding, the media denied him due attention. You know, for once I agree with him. This is certainly a case of clear-cut discrimination if there ever was one. Jose Padilla did not even have to have a half-usable plan for an attack, never mind a whole arsenal of equipment to be honored with an announcement in a press conference by John Ashcroft himself,- from Moscow, at that. And poor Mr Krar, through his misfortune of being White and not even remotely associated with Al Qaida, has to while away his days in a clink without so much as a newspaper with his mug shot. What can I say,- ain't no justice in this here world. Maybe good ol' Billy Krar ought to sue the Fox News?

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