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Friday, September 03, 2004

Collection: Politics

There May Be Something to This Picture...

I don't know much about the Skull and Bones Society...
posted by dikayasobaka @ 9/18/2004 02:16:51 AM

PNAC Primer
The Project for the New American Century (PNAC) is a collection of documents outlining the doctrine that is a driving force behind many of Bush Administration's endeavours...
posted by dikayasobaka @ 9/17/2004 01:24:51 PM

Who is Richard Perle?
Here is a good article about a man who has mostly stayed in the shadows but has been a powerful conservative political player in Washington for many years...
posted by dikayasobaka @ 9/16/2004 01:04:14 PM

Uri Avnery on The Two Recent Public Letters in Israel
This is Uri Avnery's analysis of the two manifestos recently published in Israel...
posted by dikayasobaka @ 9/16/2004 01:28:47 AM

War Or Terror: What's Worse?
This is an interesting review of casualties of the "War on Terror" vs the losses the world suffered from terrorism itself in the recent decades...
posted by dikayasobaka @ 9/15/2004 02:47:08 PM

Bush by Numbers
These numbers,- at least the ones I am aware of,- appear accurate...
posted by dikayasobaka @ 9/3/2004 11:25:38 PM

"The Next Pink Slip Might Be Yours!"
That was the slogan for a three mile long "unemployment line" protest...
posted by dikayasobaka @ 9/3/2004 06:12:49 PM

The Man Who Appeared Happy about Starting a War
War is hell, and starting one is a tremendous burden, a responsibility few would be happy about. This is how most people would feel...
posted by dikayasobaka @ 9/3/2004 09:14:11 AM

Way to Go, Mr Barnes!
Somebody is finally about to tell it,- more likely than not, just the way it was...
posted by dikayasobaka @ 9/2/2004 08:40:41 PM

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