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Thursday, September 02, 2004

A Military Family Speaks Out

By any reasonable measure, it is probably not an easy feat to find a family more patriotic than that of Charlie C. Carlson II. As this letter from the family states,
As a military family with a combined total of 57 years of active service in the U. S. Army, myself, son, and daughter-in-law have accumulated over 80 combat medals, one or more of us have served in Vietnam, Cambodia, Grenada, Panama, El Salvador, Kosovo, Bosnia, and three of us served together during Desert Storm.
But after Command Sergeant-Major Carlson's son was punished just for voicing his opinion of President Bush, it appears that the whole family is changing its outlook on the military service, as well as its view of what is happening to their country.
For generations we have been a loyal and faithful military family, however with this recent action taken against a member of our family, we will no longer encourage military service to our future generations. In other words, we are going to do the same thing that Bush, Cheney, Wolfovitz, and most members of congress do, WE AIN’T SERVING NO MORE!!
And this paragraph about Sgt. Carlson's son is, I think, prophetic,- as unfortunate as this may sound.
His crime involved nothing more than expressing his personal political opinion as guaranteed under the Bill of Rights, the very document that he had risked his life defending. Our government claims to be fighting for democracy, however those who risk their lives for democracy are being denied their basic rights of freedom of speech and opinion. My friends, the Bill of Rights and democracy are dead under the Bush Administration. This is only a sampling of what will happen if this administration is re-elected.

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