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Friday, September 03, 2004

Collection: Terrorism

WRH: 911 Archive
A nice collection of 9/11 related links, courtesy
posted by dikayasobaka @ 9/19/2004 01:00:17 AM

Ellen Mariani: The Story That Could Have Been Big
Ellen Mariani is suing "Bush et al". One would think that I need not go any further here...
posted by dikayasobaka @ 9/18/2004 03:05:06 AM

War Or Terror: What's Worse?
This is an interesting review of casualties of the "War on Terror"...
posted by dikayasobaka @ 9/15/2004 02:47:08 PM

"Breaking the Silence"
This is a documentary by John Pilger, a well-known Australian investigative journalist...
posted by dikayasobaka @ 9/4/2004 01:06:29 AM

Terror Charges Dropped
The much-touted terror case in Michigan is indeed collapsing. All terror-related charges have now been dropped.
posted by dikayasobaka @ 9/3/2004 08:21:21 AM

9/11 Parable and Other Related Bits and Pieces
This page contains a lot of interesting stuff, including an article named "9/11 Parable" replaying a rough equivalent of 9/11...
posted by dikayasobaka @ 9/1/2004 06:14:30 PM

49.3% of New York City Residents Say US Government Had Foreknowledge of 9/11: Zogby Poll
The results of this Zogby poll are certainly music to my ears...
posted by dikayasobaka @ 9/1/2004 04:11:06 PM

And These Guys May Not Quite Be So Bad Either
Well, the government officials naturally would have a tendency to boast about every important terror related arrest...
posted by dikayasobaka @ 9/1/2004 04:04:29 AM

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