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Friday, August 13, 2004

Has Rep. Goss Learned Lots of New Things in The Last Six Months?

I never paid much attention to the Director of Central Intelligence nomination process taking place under way now. Don't know why,- maybe, just out of conviction that the whole system is so defective that replacing one player, however senior, is unlikely to make a difference.

However, a friend of mine emailed me with a link to an excerpt of the interview Rep. Porter Goss gave for Michael Moore's film Fahrenheit 9/11. And this, I think, is worth a comment.

In this interview, Mr Goss had clearly stated that he does not view himself as a capable candidate to a CIA position. Apparently,- correctly or incorrectly,- at that time he believed that his skills were not up to snuff to be a field agent or a case officer. So, even if he underestimated his own credentials,- what makes him a suitable candidate now? Has he drastically ramped up on his knowledge of high-tech, Arabic, Middle East? Has he at least gotten a confidence boost? Can one get such a confidence boost in such a short time without completely deluding oneself?

Those I think are questions worth asking. Let me make it clear that I am not attempting to rule on whether or not Porter Goss is a suitable candidate for the position of the DCI. It simply appears that a short while ago he did not consider himself a suitable choice, and the question begs asking, what changed in the interim?

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