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Sunday, August 08, 2004

Soldiers' Rescue Attempt in Iraq Rebuffed

Well, this is one weird report. So, let me try to get this straight. US troops, apparently,- at least according to the official PR,- risking their lives and fighting a war to liberate an oppressed people are valiantly trying to do just that,- in this instance, trying to stop an abusive (putting it mildly) police force from torturing and maybe killing people who were hastily picked up in the streets as criminal suspects,- but in reality could be just about anybody, a large percentage of them likely innocent of any crime. So an American soldier notices the abuses through an optical sight on his rifle, reports it, his comrades rush to intervene,- something all Americans should be proud of. Then the US military command tells them to stand down and let things proceed as they did before.

Well then,- we could've just left Saddam running things. Under him, the same sort of abuse was proceeding apace. Or are the new thugs somehow more enlightened?

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