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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Some Good Points On The Kerry Campaign

While Sheldon Richman makes some good points about John Kerry and the Democratic National Convention in his FFF commentary, I think he is also wrong on some issues. Fundamentally, I think he is wrong is saying that a divisive campaign would be better right now. A divisive campaign by Democrats is, in my opinion, tantamount to installing Bush in office for the second term. Also I think it is wrong to blame Kerry for making his Vietnam confessions, or for the content thereof. Note that Kerry did not confess to anything that would amount to his going out of his way to commit atrocities in Vietnam. He was saying that the "free fire zone" regulations led to atrocities in which he ended up taking part. That was a fair criticism of the military policy in the field at the time.

I think Mr Richman's point about the tax-eaters being over represented, and tax-payers being underrepresented on the convention floor is a very valid one. As is his point that Kerry should have known better what he was voting for as Senator when he voted to authorize Bush to wage war on Iraq. I think this criticism should have even gone further,- there should be no war started unless Congress formally declares one. Not untill that and many other things happen will we be able to return from the "postconstitutional America", as Mr Richman correctly puts it, to the one that was truly meant to be.

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