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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

War on Drugs: The Collateral Damage

A new film just came out about the realities of life with the War on Drugs in the background. The main character acts out what is a compilation of different mules' stories. These people facing few prospects at home in Colombia sometimes have little opportunity to advance in life other than by volunteering to fly to the US carrying pellets of drugs inside their bodies.

While there can be different opinions about these mules, it is clear that so long as the situation remains what it is, with the War on Drugs making drug trade such a lucrative business and with such economic privation in many of the drug-producing countries, there will always be plenty of volunteers willing to take a chance for a quick buck. My question to those who still support the War on Drugs would be,- do you have a plan as to how it can be won?

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