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Thursday, August 12, 2004

This Should Be Just A Private Matter

The news is in,- New Jersey Governor James McGreevey is resigning over a homosexual affair. I think that is wrong. Not his resignation,- I am not in a position to tell whether he should resign or not, this decision is clearly his to make. But the whole situation is wrong.

His sex life is his own business,- and nobody else's. He feels that he has wronged his wife and chooses to apologize to her,- that's fine, in fact, that's admirable. Whether to do so privately or publicly is also his choice. However, that is not a criterion by which his performance as Governor should be judged. Nor is it grounds for resignation.

This sort of precedent diverts attention from the simple fact that there ought to be one and only one measure of our official's performance,- professionalism in their position. Other things, such as looks, sexual deviations (or the lack thereof), religious affiliation,- simply should not matter.

I respect Governor McGreevey for having what it takes to disclose the uncomfortable truth. However, I wish he stayed on the job.

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