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Sunday, August 08, 2004

Israelis for The Right Of Return

In this document, a number of Jewish Israelis state their platform which includes the recognition of the Palestinian right of return, as well as their opposition to Zionism's denial of the Palestinians' claim to the land. I do not fully agree with their vision. For instance, I favor the defensive wall. Its route is certainly debatable, but it is pretty much a known fact by now that the route prevents Palestinian terrorists from reaching their targets in Israel, and that is sufficient justification for its construction.

As for the right of return, I believe that right ought to be granted to those who became refugees in 1948 and possibly to their children. As for other people who were born outside of Israel and have lived there all their lives, and who happen to have some family connections to the original 1948 refugees,- I think their claim to residence in Israel is questionable as it is for most family members of any other refugee group worldwide. But what is critical is that within whatever future borders Israel find itself in everybody be granted equal citizenship rights and citizenship responsibilities. Israel must become a country of all its citizens,- not just Jews.

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