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Sunday, August 08, 2004

Medicating the Environment?

As a recent BBC report indicates, traces of Prozac can now be found in the UK's ground water, rivers and lakes. It also gets into drinking water reservoirs and into the water the population drinks.

According to some authorities, the effects of drinking Prozac-laced water are not expected to be noticeable. However, this is a very alarming symptom indeed. We probably do not have a clear picture on what the effects of this are on the wildlife consuming it. We also likely do not know what other drugs are similarly introduced to the environment.

I don't know about the UK, but here in the US the practice of mass medication has taken on an enormous proportion. You are likely to thoroughly surprise your physician if you are over 30-35 years of age and you tell him or her that you are not on any kind of regular medication. Based on what I hear, the situation in the UK and many other developed countries is not drastically different.

I believe we ought to acknowledge the fact that we have entered an era of an unprecedented medical/chemical interference with our lives. That interference affects our bodies and the environment beyond them. I believe a thorough study of this phenomena is in order,- followed by finding and implementing remedies to the unwanted consequences of this phenomena.

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